Soccer Kids Coach

Hello from Coach Jaime!

My name is Jaime Parady, but most know me as Coach Jaime. In 2002, I developed SoccerKids in San Francisco to teach children between the ages of 3.5 and 8 years of age the wonderful game of soccer. With such an enthusiastic soccer community in San Diego, I am excited to lead SoccerKids and TeeBallKids classes in sunny SoCal!

I have over 22 years experience teaching children the game of soccer and hold the top state level and National Youth Soccer Coaching Licenses. Those are all great on paper, but what I am really proud of is my ability to help your child grow as a soccer player and as a person while on the soccer field. During a SoccerKids class I create a very positive atmosphere where having fun, trying your best, and good sportsmanship are much more important than winning. The final score of a SoccerKids game is always “Fun to Fun!”